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Saturday, August 31, 2013

#Wind Amulet (Updated)

Hey Jammers of all kinds! :D 
Today's new item is the Wind Amulet on sale for one Diamond at the Diamond Shop the only shop that's actually more expensive than epic wonders. :P
Use da force! O.O Ze wind force! :P It's an O.K. item believe me but I'm still saving for an arctic wolf! ^.^
Anyways a good buddy of mine RockyTop2 has discovered yet another unreleased item in the adventures! :D 
Credit to AJRoar! :D 
Wow it's called a chain necklace. Way to go AJHQ, thanks for being such jerks by not only withholding the release of the slingshot but also by creating a chain necklace which is kind of cool looking. Maybe it's just my glasses. 
In other news, let's talk about the Phantom Portal! 
This adventure was released about a few months back. AJHQ said it was in it's beta stage right? (Which reminds me I hope they fixed that laggyness.) So why isn't it open to ALL jammers? From what I've heard a lot of non-members are upset because they have to continuously be playing the Return of the Phantoms. AJHQ, why don't you um open it to everyone so that non-members wont stop playing the adventures all together! Especially since we already have Meet Cosmo! :P So what do ya' say? :P 
Well this was one lengthy post! XP 
That's about it for now! :D 
An introduction to my new story blog has been posted on my story blog! Click HERE to visit! :D 

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  1. I completely agree! I understand that members have to have a FEW more abilities than nms, otherwise no one would buy memberships. But, you're right, we already have Meet Cosmo! Release the Phantom Portal already, AJHQ!


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