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Sunday, September 1, 2013

#Sapphire Birthstone

Hey Jammers! :D 
Today's new item is the Sapphire Birthstone, on sale in the Den orb of Epic Wonders! 
It looks funny. The sapphire reminds me of a funny joke on a show called Avatar the Last Airbender.
Here's how the joke went...
Aang got into trouble at some fire nation school.
Katara and Sokka show up acting as his parents.
They introduce themselves as ...
Wang Fire, and  Sapphire Fire XD 
Then later in the sequence Sokka says: "Your getting the punishment of a lifetime!" Classic Sokka! :P
To those of you who don't know about this show! Sorry! 
Anyway's take a look at this new membership expires card.
Is this a new thing because most of the time I remember that if your membership expired, you didn't get any notice! :P Fortunately I can renew mine! However, I wont renew it for September! :P 
Well that's about it for now! 

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