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Saturday, August 17, 2013

#Bass Camp Music

Hello Jammers! :D 
I'm getting tired of always beginning my posts with Hey Jammers! 
What do you think I should replace it with? Something witty perhaps? XP
Anyway, today's new item is the Bass Camp Music on sale at the Diamond Shop.
Why? Why the diamond shop AJHQ! D: I can never afford it! 
Also I have a feeling that it's misspelled. Shouldn't it be Base Camp Music. It makes sense unless the music consists of orchestrations from the Bass instrument. :P
I've always wanted to play an instrument. Something like a piano or a violin! What about you?
Anyway's yesterday I asked what items would you like to see color variations on. 
Here are some of the requests. 
Light-Grey Worn
Navy Blue Worn
Orange Worn
Yellow Worn
Pale Green Worn
Also thanks so much for 32 followers! :D 
Wow those would be really good colors! :P
Personally my favorites would be the Navy Blue and Grey. 
Hopefully AJHQ actually makes these! XP
Well that's about it for now. 



  1. The grey and navy look the coolest, I agree!

    I've been playing piano for a few years now. It's kinda a lot of work, but completely worth it. Violin, wow, I hear that it's tough...:D

  2. Lol perhaps in the future I will learn to play both! :D

  3. I play the harp!!! xD


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