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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Phantom Cage

Meep Jammers! ^.^

First of all, yesterday's RIM was the Rare Police Helmet!
 Nice colours! Pity the police helmet isn't used much...
Oh, wait, I've just noticed that it's Police Hat not Helmet X3

And today's new item is the Phantom Cage!
Interesting, eh? You could use it to generate electricity, light, for zapping intruders or merely to look pretty.
What are you going to use it for?

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, I don't know what happened to Infinitemajesty (and I didn't realise he hadn't posted until just now)...here's a list of possibilities: 
He fell off another cliff.
His teacher zapped him using an ill-mannered phantom.
He went to the zoo and got eaten by a phantom.
He was kidnapped by AJ HQ.
He's just decided to vanish, mysteriously, without a trace.
Anyway, whatever the cause be, I hope he survives! X3

Bye for now and good luck with toilet training your phantom.

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