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Monday, August 26, 2013

#Rare Nerd Glasses

Hey Jammers! :D
Today's Rare Item Monday items are the Rare Nerd Glasses on sale in Jam-Mart Clothing.
Wow I find these a little offensive, it's basically enforcing the stereotype of a nerd. Come on what's wrong with being smart. Nothing! :P All in all it's probably just a little joke. Even if it isn't April Fools Day yet. :D
Well in other news, there is a new post on today's rare item monday on the Daily Explorer.
Click HERE to visit
Not that you would want to since it's pretty boring and not very "new" since we already know about the glasses. XP
Well anyway's I start school right now and I am very anxious. 
Well that's about it for now! 


  1. I'm so happy that these came out! They're pretty pricey though, but definitely worth it. :3

  2. There is nothing wrong with being smart or wearing spectacles. I do both XD

  3. I have glitched and non glitched nerd glasses 2014 ppl

  4. btw the anonymous above me( me ) is tigergirl88911 keep jamming :P

  5. I have the glitched ones, which have yellow tape in the center. You can get at least one rare long spike with them. Pretty cool. Btw, I'm homework2910.

  6. I really try to get nerd glasses , glitched or not glitched . I'm having a very good trade list , but no one trades me one . BTW I'm Sirshystar1 .

  7. I have a good trade list but no one accepts
    i think because school is starting back soon
    u can get it from an adventure so im gonna try that
    my name is pigslive987 just in case u want to trade me ;-)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. gift me nerd glasses I am little56squishy

  10. OMG its been 2 Months already, can somebody please gift me atleast one rare or nerd glasses. ive been doing fair trades but they all want it over trade please end my sufffering


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