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Saturday, April 20, 2013

13 Questions With Snowyclaw~

Hey Jammers! :D
This is an all new series (that I have always wanted to do but never got around to it) where I interview some well known jammers about their favorite things about our wonderful world of Jamaa! Our first interview was with Snowyclaw by e-mail since Snowy is very busy! ^.^
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You all know Snowyclaw an avid jammer and the author/creator of the current most popular AJ blog Animal Jam Spirit! Well curious to know more about this well known jammer, I asked her 13 questions on aj and blogging. So here's what Snowy had to say....
Question 1: When did you join AJ and what made it catch your eye?
Response:  I joined AJ summer of 2010 (the beta time period) because I saw an add in National Geographic Kids!
Question 2: What is your favorite AJ item, land, and place?
Response: I like all items and lands, but I do love to hang out in the Zios' Temple. :)

Question 3: What's your favorite AJ Game?
Response: I enjoy Falling Phantoms and Trivia!

Question 4: What made you want to start your blog?
Response:  I met Graham the monkey alpha (still a shaman then) in June 2011, and I saw a part of Jamaa that many jammers weren't able to learn about anymore. The SPIRIT of Jamaa needed a boost!

Question 5: Do you think you have inspired many people to follow in your footsteps? 
Response:  I hope so! Blogging is such a fun experience. ^.^

Question 6:  Do you like all the popularity you have as a result of your blogging? 
Response:  I don't think I'm that popular, but I always love to meet new jammers!

Question 7:  How did you come up with the word Jamaasian? 
Response: It felt . . . right. I think that if you truly embody and represent the core values of Animal Jam, you are a Jamaasian. Uphold the spirit of this game and you yourself are something more!

Question 8: Have you ever considered quitting your AJ blog? 
Response:  Not really, I love it too much!

Question 9:  What is your favorite aspect of AJ?
Response: The learning and the imagination... It's a world apart!

Question 10: Do you have a favorite Alpha? 
Response:  I admire Greely's ability to balance his dark and light natures. :)

Question 11:  What is your favorite color?
Response:  Maybe blue or silver?

Question 12:   Who is your best buddy on AJ?
Response:  I have many many amazing buddies!

Question 13: Do you think nonmembers should have more equality than they do now?
Response: . I don't want AJ to become a game like Club Penguin, where the nonmems are stuck in the bottom of the heap. I think they should be getting a little bit more freedom (more items, one pet, ect.)

This has been 13 Questions with Snowyclaw! I definitely think you and I have now learned a lot about Snowy. Hopefully we will all be able to find Snowy in Jamaa!  I always think it's a great idea to get to know someone. 
Future 13 Question Candidates: 
Kinyonga, Feelers, BlueGecko, MisterChunkyBuddy, Goofy8966, Sheesh4, TheSafari07 and MANY.. MANY more! :D 


  1. Wow, that's a really cool idea! It was fun to read the interview with Snowy. I really hope you do more soon! :)

  2. "where I interview some well known jammers"
    M-m-m-me?! O.O
    By the way, I can't post today >.< can you, please? :D I should be able to do so tomorrow :3

  3. Snowy has to be joking she doesn't think she's that popular! O yes can I become an author of this blog I love your blog.

    1. Well, I'll have to think about it since I don't necessarily need more authors. I'm not saying no, I just need to see if I need another author :D. Thanks for enjoying my blog XD.

  4. I don't know why snowy denies that she is popular. She is, and she knows it. -.- You can admit you are popular and still be kind and stay on top of things. It's pretty incredible how long she has been blogging, though.

    1. She doesnt care!!!!! DUH. -.-


  5. That is extremely true she has the maximum popularity anyone on AJ can get. Just because she admits that shes popular doesn't mean that shes a snob or anything. Still she is very kind and has every right to answer how she pleases. Even if If I wish she told us how she really felt about her popularity.

    1. I agree! ^.^

      By the way, can you interview Kinyonga soon? I'm interested in what she's got to say ^.^

    2. Oh yeah I'm going to interview Kin soon. I have to think about what i'll ask her extremely thoroughly. BWAHAHAHA Just kidding XD. I'll interview her a soon as possible.

  6. Hi, I'm pupp1266 the creator of scooponanimaljam.blogspot.com! Can I get an interview? I would really love to. My email is on the side of my blog


  7. Yes of course I would! However, you will probably have to wait awhile because I have to interview a ton of other people! :D Its safe to say that I will interview you. Hopefully I'm not too busy.

    1. Can I be interviewed even though I dont have a blog? XD


  8. Wow you seriously want to interview ME??? :D :D thanks soooo much!! I'll interview you too sometime if you'd like! :)


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