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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Everyone Should Be Equal~

Everyone Should be Equal~

Hey Jammers! :D
Here's that post on what I feel should be the way AJ should be. Everyone should be equal but that's not the case here. There's a big division between people in AJ and its Members and Nonmembers. All the time AJHQ goes so far into limiting what the nonmembers can have just so they can increase their revenue and get more money. I think it's ok for them to get money, I mean someone has to pay them for what they do but I think that they go too far with some things. This is what I think nonmembers should have a privilege on.

  • Nonmembers should be able to color their items. I mean think about it its like saying don't breath air. How can you let non-member jammers express themselves if they can't even choose their own favorite colors. I mean it's ridiculous to buy a membership just so you can get your favorite color. 

  • Nonmembers should be able to receive gifts on jam-a-grams. It's not fair that they can't receive a gift from their buddies so they can have it. Enough said.  

  • Nonmembers should at least have ONE pet. Come on seriously its not fair to give it all to members I mean seriously I wouldn't mind nonmembers having at least one pet! Even if they were just allowed the dog pet.

  • Nonmembers should be able to have at least 2 dens, we have at least 9 or 8 member dens it would hurt to give nonmembers a chance at having the volcano den since it is the smallest member den. 

  • Nonmembers should have the chance to have a free trial membership that lasts 3 days or so. It gives them a chance to see if they really like being a member and would help them see what a membership has to offer! Don't you think! 

  • Nonmembers should get a special gift every month just like we do. If you think about it around 75% of Jamaa is made up of nonmembers. AJ wouldn't even get over 1,000,000 players without nonmembers. So why not giving them a gift to show them that they are just as important as we are! 

  • Nonmembers should have the right to have at least 3 animals. I mean some jammers like a wolf and bunny but they can't get into the seas because it only lets them choose 2!

    Do you agree with what I think nonmembers should have the right to have? If you have other ideas on what nonmembers should have then give a shout out through the comments and I'll add it on here and give you the credit for that idea.


    1. I am very sorry, but I don't agree with you. I have been a nonmember for a very long time and know what it feels to be a member, too. My two animals are good enough. Wolves look weird so I don't have one. To color items I ask a very good member buddy. I do have one den, but I use it wisely and not complain for more.

    2. Well I see that you are happy with what you have in regards to being a nonmember on AJ. Think about this though, not many non-members have chance to color their items because there aren't a lot of kind jammers out there. Wolves might look weird to you but most jammers are in fact wolves. So it wouldn't hurt to let non-members have a 3rd animal choice since members have around 10 already.

      1. You are a little strange... a lot of members have a lot of animals, but not all of them. Some only have like 5 or less. Animals are expensive you know. 10 animals = 10,000 gems. O.O so you know...
        To color items, you ask someone OR you trade. That's the point of trading right? Get something you want in return for something else?
        *IT'S JUST MY THOUGHTS* If you are saying this, it kind of makes me want to express myself.

    3. Ok I don't see how I'm a little strange. I never said all members have 10 animals. I meant to say that members have a choice of being able to play numerous animals. Non-members can only play a few while having to choose 2.
      Yes that's the point of trading. However some people could take advantage of that. Not everyone will trade fairly so instead of creating chaos. It's better to let non members color their items instead of having them go and trade for their color. If members don't have to trade for their color than neither should non-members.

    4. I agree that nonmembers should have 3 animals


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