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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hey There!

Hiya! Jammers :D
I know for some reason the blog seems to be changing and that's because I am returning since I am now out of school and have plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful world of Jamaa. However I'm not quite ready yet I need just a few changes and then I'll post on stuff and what not. I'd like to thank all the viewers since I just noticed we have reached 18,000 and that's great. Not only that but we have also reached 24 followers. Thanks for being faithful! Now I want your opinion on something. Would anyone like to have a whack at coming up with a new name for the blog. I don't know but for some reason AJ Empire seems a little ... overbearing doesn't it. So if you have a nice cool name for the blog please comment it on this post. I will definitely credit your for your contribution with a picture of the jammer who came up with it on the sidebar. Thanks! :D


  1. I think that Animal Jam Flash or Animal Jam Jet would be a nice name! Or maybe Animal Jam Fanbase!

  2. Yay! You're back! ^.^
    Here are some ideas :3

    Jamaa Creativity
    Jamaa Jumble
    Animal Jam Jigsaw
    Animal Jam Puzzle
    Animal Jam Treetop/s
    Animal Jam Adventure
    Jamaa Adventure
    Animal Jam Sweets
    Jamaa Savannah
    Animal Jam Wolf

    Etc :p I guess most of them could be "Jamaa ---" or "Animal Jam ---" X3

  3. SilverDawn/StarryGemJune 13, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    Hello! :D
    My ideas are:

    Jamaa Jigsaw
    Jigsaw of Jamaa


  4. My ideas are:
    Animal Jam BETA
    Animal Jam Adopt(I used to have a blog named that but i replaced it with Foxstars History foxstars-history-novel.blogspot.com)
    animal jam MEOW
    animal jam Woof
    Animal jam universe
    Animal jam glam


  5. Jamaa Town News?

  6. Animal Jam Jewel? Animal Jam Shoutouts? Random Animal Jam? Animal Jam Caverns? Animal Jam Portal?

  7. Animal Jam Comets
    Animal Jam Meteor
    Animal Jam Kingdom
    Animal Jam Wishes
    Animal Jam Queen
    Rocking Jammers
    Animal Jam Spider



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