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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Freaking Out o.o

Ok help! 
I'm getting nervous about school again! D: D: D: D: D: D: 
Eeeep! I don't want to go. Wah! 
I don't know what's wrong with me I mean I was all cool about it this morning but then it popped back into my head and now I'm freaking out!! 
O.K. to tell you the truth I'm a very shy person. I try my best to get myself out there but sometimes I just cant! Wait, labeling myself as a shy person isn't going to help me. So scratch that shy part. I'm a very ... kept person let's put it that way. School is very frightening to me because I'm always afraid of being bullied or judged for being myself! D: Not only that but my advanced classes might be  hard and I had this summer assignment I had to do and I think I did a terrible job at it. I don't wanna fail! D: I never fail D: Except for 3 times before but that isn't important. To make matters worse I might not even see my friends because of my classes! O.K. any tips anyone! D: 
I used this emote too much on this post.... D: 
Few glad to get that off my chest but seriously any tips! 


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Like literally,because I had a super easy assignment but the sentences I wrote are so simple and short even though I write little. Because basically each question had one line to write on. Only about 3 had 2 lines .-. I am probably making you feel worse.. Well,my tips are you can go into clubs your friends are or/and you can sit at your friends' "table". Unless you can sit there already,in my school you have to sit in your homeroom tables but some kids sneak out.Plus if your in advanced classes,don't worry! XD If you are really smart then just relax but still continue to achieve higher! :D I was in G&T (gifted and talented) for 2 years,and hopefully I will get it for other in my new middle school. Also don't stress yourself out. Just set a morning routine or/and after-school routine. Get prepared and have everything ready. If you get bullied,screw them. They might be jealous of you or just do it for their own amusement. If you do fail just ask the teacher why and your parents. I had done terrible on an assignment I had in science and I never got that grade before in class. I was so confused of why I got it. So I told my mom who went to talk to my teacher (my mom is a lawyer :p) and my mom said that the teacher was kind-of scared.. Also she talked to the Principal and I told her that I missed like 2 or 1 days of class and didn't get the notes. My teacher decided to give me another chance and let me do it again. I was very lucky. :) ALSO ANOTHER TIP! Never do things at last minute! Lots of people might tell you that,but it's true. I done things last minute..but lucky my sister helped me. Also ANOTHER ANOTHER TIP! Don't be afraid to ask your parents,family,siblings for help! My mom is very creative and helped me a project I had for science. (it was for a school fair) Well I was doing a chemical reaction but the balloon didn't fit in the bottle so the liquid would spill. I had to put in some ingredients (will not name) in the bottle then I had to quickly put the balloon in the opening of the bottle and then air would fill up the balloon but if I was too late then it would would spill and make a mess. D: So my mom thought of putting a rubber band on a thin rubber glove! The rubber band would tighten the glove a bit but not too much so it would spill. Also Once the air filled up the balloon you could high-five it! The little kids loved my project :) So that's all my tips,sorry if it's pretty long..
    ~Purpleflora (used to be animetacos but made a new account)

    1. Dang.. That's long O-O Longer than your post. :3


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