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Friday, August 16, 2013


Hello Jammers! .. and possibly AJHQ ;D 
Today's new item is the Lantern on sale in the Outback Imports of Jamaa's newest land Kimbara.
I personally like this item. It's just so sleek but also not as modern. :D 
I wish it was nonmember though. An awesome item like that deserves to be shared with everyone!
Also, according to Kinyonga, AJHQ reads some of our blogs! :D You can check out her whole post HERE
I wonder if they read mine? 

In other news. Has anyone ever noticed how difficult it is to win a Video Plaque? I mean seriously. I have a feeling that AJHQ answers their own questions rather than answer jammers questions. D:
I guess it's just me. For some reason AJHQ hates me. They have given me 25 and now 50 gems this past week. They never publish my art or howls and never answer my questions. XD 
No worries. 
Also would it kill AJHQ to make a black fox hat? 
Like this...
Seriously!  Or even a grey one! :D 
What items do you think AJHQ should make variations of? 
Answer in the comments! :D 


  1. Meep! Yep, they should make a black or grey fox hat! Also, I think an orange worn would be very fun! :3 And maybe yellow, light grey, pale green, white and navy coloured ones would be cool!
    And rainbow versions of every item! ^.^

    By ze way, please can you comment on my private blog? :)

  2. XP I'll try to make those colors XD.
    Oh yeah your private blog! :D

  3. It seems that AJHQ hates me too :( they never post any of my howls or art work but they did comment on my blog :O

  4. Really thats awesome! :D
    I must go see your blog! XD


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