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Friday, August 2, 2013

#Giant Pet Fox Plushie

Hey Everyone :D well everyone who is a jammer :P
Today's new item is the Giant Pet Fox Plushie currently flying of the store shelves at the summer carnival for it's "agile wickedness."
Isn't it nice. I will definitely buy the smaller one :D For some reason I think Foxes were the best designed AJ animal!
Now for a side topic ... Hacking. 
There have been some issues with hacking lately. I discovered an anonymous video that taught how to hack AJ to receive free rare items. Well I'll tell you DO NOT DO IT. Don't Even think about doing it. 
If you are an American, hacking is a federal crime and not only that, it's morally incorrect. If you hack you obviously have no self respect and are completely delusional for hacking to receive PIXELATED items that will make no impact on you in the real world EVER. So don't hack it's just wrong. I've already messaged AJ HQ about the video and I am hoping they do something about it. 

In other news... I have recently reached 40,000 gems! 
Well it wasn't easy but I was able to reach this amount by playing a lot of the Adventures! Also by not spending so much because non-members have a limit on items. 
So if you want 40,000 gems simply play some adventures! :D

That's it for today! :D 
Enjoy! :D
We need only 2 more followers for the contest! :D 
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  1. I played a lot of adventures so I'm getting super close to 100,000 gems!

    Awesome what level are you on? It's probably like 20 or something! XD

  3. Well, it's not on a very large level. I want to even out all my animals so my Arctic Wolf is 10, my fox, 7, my koala, 4 and ALL the rest is on level 3. So when the "special animal opening" (like the arctic wolf and fox thingy) comes, I can use any animal.

    Of course, I try to comment when I can. Your blog is great!


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