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Friday, July 26, 2013

#Pet Owl Plushies

Hey Jammers :D
Today's new items are the Pet Owl Plushies. On sale in the Summer Carnival Plushie Shop.
Aren't they just a nice item to have around! :P
In other news, I might have a contest :D 
Yeah that's right! I will hold my first contest if the conditions like these propose themselves...
20,000 viewers! 
and at least 30 followers! :D 
no more no less. 
So come on and support the greatest blog in the whole world! Besides a few I should guess.
Also there is a new code! The new code is..
spelled exactly the way it is. With capital letters. 
It only gives 500 gems but that's not bad! 
You can thank Scooter/Chocolate4050 for the code. No you don't have to bow to him and call him your excellency. XD
Well that's all for today ! :D
Enjoy my tiny post. :I 
I  couldn't think of more to post about. 


  1. Just need another...err...

    20,000 - 19,608 = 392

    392 more views and 4 more followers!

  2. Yay MATH! :D
    Hopefully I can get those viewers and followers soon!
    By the way kin, How are you :P?

  3. Haha I laughed at this post ^-^


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