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Sunday, August 4, 2013

#Tie-Dye Shirt

Hey Jammers! :D
Today I have posted extremely early! >:D
Well today's item is the Tie-Dye Shirt on sale in Jam-Mart Clothing.
How nice except,... oh yeah. I can't buy it. D: Much less see the different colors :P
While I was trying to reach the tie-dye shirt I caught that funky glitch that comes out every now and again when you click on shop catalogs. 
Yep it's the million sparkly gems glitch. Or at least that's what I call it! Isn't it odd how your account freezes and you can't exit out of the glitch. :P 

Well in other news does anyone have any idea what a green worn is worth? 
I'd really like your help! 
In other- other news we still need 2 more followers for the contest!
Not only that but this blog gets around 100 viewers per day! Thanks Everyone! 
Don't forget to comment you opinion either! :D
P.S. I might change the URL to animaljamadventure.blogspot.com I MIGHT! 
P.P.S. New poll! 
P.P.P.S. My username might change to ReignofMajesty for those who are my buddies! D:
I did not choose to switch it but I accidentally e-mailed a letter to AJHQ requesting a username change. It was from a long time ago so I'll see what happens! 


  1. Hi! This is a great blog! I love it! Also i wanted to ask if u wanted to be buddies?


  2. Thank you I appreciate your compliment! XD Yeah sure we can be buddies I have plenty of space! :D

  3. Hey, if you need some help being a non member, follow the animaljamnonmember.blogspot.com we post tips, tricks, and you can buy colored items! 6 more amazing followers until 50 ! If you could help us I would love it.


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