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Friday, August 30, 2013

#Giant Bubblegum Machine

Hey Jammers! :D 
Today's new item is the giant bubblegum machine. On sale in Jam Mart Furniture! 
Wow isn't this sch a nice item! :D It's even got a little brother the Regular Gumball Machine! :D 
Kudos to AJHQ who instead of bringing back a rare, decided to make an improved version of an item! :P 

Also the old map which was replaced by a new map has returned! :D 
Hooray AJHQ, no more cartoon-ish potato lands! :D 
Ah yes! It just feels so right! :D For those of you who did like the new map which according to statistics only 0.1 of you. I am so sorry! 
In other news, I would like to thank ALL of my followers for sticking to the blog! :D :D :D 
I should plan something special! :D 
Any Ideas?
Well that's about it for now! 
Also, for those who didn't vote "I will not look at the story blog" I will post the introduction Tomorrow! :D 

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