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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet Cosmo: The Update

Hey Jammers! :D 
Today is Update day! Woohoo! XP
Let's start off the update with today's new item. 
The Desk and Chair is on sale in Jam-Mart Furniture! Wow it arrived just in time for back-to-school. 
I don't wanna go to school!! D:
Are you nervous about starting school?
Now here's today's half-updated Jamaa Journal.
The all new adventure has finally arrived! It's actually quite fun.
Don't forget the Summer Carnival is packing up soon. Remember to buy all of your carny- items. :P
Now here are a bunch of screenshots I took of the Adventure.
The Adventure base. :P
This first section is all about watering Cosmos crops. It seems he is too lazy to do it and rather use a farm hand. XP
This adventure introduces a new Phantom killing item. The Boomseeds here me and Cosmo make a potion that will grow boomseeds.
Here's Cosmos amazing den. I took pictures of it because I hope AJHQ releases it soon! ^.^
More den.
In this section Cosmo is a bit demented and can't remember the names of popular fruits so he makes us guess to find them. It's not that hard though. :P
The third and final part of the Adventure is a lengthy cavern search and find.
We find keys and free the Koalas but the caverns are all spread out so it's much more difficult and long.
On the final prize as usual you get a prize. I'll let you figure out what kind of prizes you can get! :D
In non-adventure news, there are two new posts on the Daily Explorer.
Click HERE to view them! 
Well that's about it for now! 


  1. I'm so used to just spending my days doing practically nothing. What am I gonna do when school starts and I have to DO something?!

  2. Woah, I just realized I'm the top commenter. How awesome is that?? :D


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