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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pet Owls and New Animal? Hmm..

Meow jammers!
Sorry for my lack of posts, I couldn't keep up-to-date with this blog.
Hopefully, I'll be back to normal by next week (after the Foundation Day at school ends).
Anyways, a post about authors will be coming soon!

There's a small new update today, but first let me show you the new items..
Not saying anything about them, since there are 3 new items, and an update to go..

Located at: Jam Mart Clothing 
No. of available colors: 8
Item: Returning this year

Feathered Mask:
Located at: Epic Wonders (clothing orb)
No. of available colors: 7
Item: Returning this year

Candy Bowl:
Located at: Jam Mart Furniture
No. of available colors: 1 (not changeable)
Item: Returning this year

Okay, now moving on to the Jamaa Journal.
Here is the first page:

The Pet Owls, which were the Monthly Member gift one, have once again returned to the Diamond Shop!
Just like the other pets, it also costs 3 diamonds!
Good that it's a flying pet, though...

Aww! That sure is cute! ^.^

On the second page we have a great exciting news! C:

Jammers have been wanting this from a long time!
Thank you so much AJ! :DDD
We really appreciate it that you heard our voice! ;)

Yay! 400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 276 XD
I can store a lot more. You can only place 300 though.
I think that's quite enough. Yeah...

On the third page is some shopping and Night of The Phantoms news! :3

Well, not all of the spooky items are on sale!
Like some of them are...

The spooky items will be leaving soon!
Be sure to grab your faves before they are gone! (Few more weeks)

On the last page is another mystery! -o.o-

Clue 1: The picture (observe closely)
Clue 2: Huge Nose
Clue 3: The line "In the middle of a SNOWSTORM" explains it all!
It means the animal is a cold habituated one.. And umm maybe from the North/South Poles!
It could be, possibly, hmm, say a....
-Sniff- -Sniff-

Comment Call: What do you think is the new animal? What are you willing to see?

Okay don't forget to answer the Comment Question!
Bye for now, I have some unfinished work waiting to be done..
Play wild!


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