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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Right me and Sweetpanda seriously need to start posting on the days we are actually supposed to be posting on (schedule) Because sweetpanda was supposed to post yesterday and I did. Its really confusing here is the schedule if you haven't already seen it:

So I'm posting Today & Tomorrow then Sweetpanda posts then I basically post for the rest of the week! So I must make sure to remember to post here along with the other 12 blogs I post for! So I hope you have a good day bye!


  1. Umm! You already handle a lot of blogs so I was thinking we could get more authors, on the permission of Infinitemajesty... And I also became busy so it's unsure if I can post or not..
    If you need, I can do some changes to the schedule too.
    Okay, thanks!

  2. Heyyy can I ask where you got that background for the posting schedule image?


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