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Monday, January 13, 2014

Rare Spartan Armour

Meep Jammers!

I guess, as today's Monday, I'd better start posting ^.^

Today's Monday Rare collaborates (I'm saying that because it's a fancy word. If it doesn't fit the context, tell me.) with last Monday's!
Some possible improvements: make it black rather than dark grey, make it cheaper and non-member.
Then, v'la! You've got a better item and everyone's happy.

Sorry, I have to go and do my homework so this isn't a very interesting post >.<

Bye for now! ^.^

P.S I'll try and get a this-blog signature asap.


  1. It's ok if the post was short, and can I PLEASSSEEE be a author?


  2. Yay! You started posting again! Are there really open author spots? I'd like to be one. O.O


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