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Monday, July 29, 2013

#Real Musketeer Boots

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Hey Everyone! Excuse me for not posting this weekend I had some birthdays in my family! Hooray for my mom and my older brother! :D
Anyway's it seems today's item happens to be a Genuine version of the Musketeer Boots. The REAL Musketeer Boots are on sale in Jam-Mart Clothing for UNREAL prices. 
It seems some local shoe makers have been counterfeiting musketeer boots. Luckily local news service, Jamaa Local Breaking News and Weather National Network Even Though We Just Said It Was Local or commonly known as JLBNWNNETWJSIWL. Has found one of the shoe making culprits and questioned him about this abomination they call Musketeer boots. Instead of Real Musketeer Boots! 
Here's a transcript of the news report....
Reporter Findly McPorter: Hello citizens of Jamaa I am live here at ShoeFactory's den where it seems that we have found a counterfeiter who has been making fake musketeer boots and selling them for profit. In the wake of the Real Musketeer Boots controversy what do you have to say for yourself. 
Accused Boot Counterfeiter Steely Cheatam: I don't have any idea what you are talking about. 

McPorter: Do you deny it? 
Cheatam: No what I couldn't even hear what you were blabbing about over the factory noise. 

McPorter: Confessssssss! 
Cheatam: Ok your officially nuts. Why are you twitching like that. 
McPorter: QUIET YOU FOOL! It seems I forgot to take my medicine. 

Cheatam: Right? Or is it you who is twitching because YOU are the one who makes the counterfeit boots! 
McPorter: No I don't you are a liar.  LIAR, WE HAVE A LYIN' SHOE MAKER HERE. 
Cheatam: I am not a liar, you are wearing a button that says. I am part of the Jamaa Fake Shoe Makers Union! 

McPorter: It seems I have been duped. Coming up next.. Local News Reporter admits to Counterfeiting will he own up to the consequences? Find out at the news at 9. 
Cheatam: WAIT BEFORE YOU GO, doesn't it seem that the Real Musketeer boots are actual boots from Musketeers. While the Musketeer Boots are simply SOUVENIRS or PROPS. We don't counterfeit here! That is the truth. However, that news reporter guy was a shoe-faker. Luckily this one and only factory isn't! :D

Well that was a bust . Anyway's back to the post. Yesterday and Saturday the new items were a fancy set of jewelry called the Turquoise Necklace and the Turquoise Bracelet. On sale in Epic Wonders! 
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Well that's about it for today! 
Enjoy! :D 
Latisha McPeanuts. 


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