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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#Giant Pet Monkey Plushie

Part 3 of "How Mira Came to Jamaa" by pugz781 is published in the adventure lounge!
Hey Jammers! :D
Today's new item is the Giant Pet Monkey Plushie on sale in the Summer Carnival plushie shop.
In case you haven't noticed its....

Yeah big. By the way who came up with the word giant. :P
Well anyway's I just wanted to remind you that if we reach 20,000 viewers and also at least 30 followers. I will have my first contest. I will definitely try to get a big prize. In fact...
1st Place will win...
A Blue Pirate Sword Instead of a Brown Worn

2nd Place will win...
A choice between These.
3rd Place will win ...
4th and so on places will win a Pat on the Back for trying! :D 
So Just get 20,000 viewers and 30 followers and we can have this contest! :D


  1. We just need 113 more views! :D

  2. I saw your comment on Snowy's blog! This Blog is Pawsome, too! Hope you reach your goal! ~Awesomeanimal19

  3. Thanks I appreciate your support! :D


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