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Thursday, August 15, 2013

#Summer Carnival Sale and Special Thanks!

This post has been Updated to include a picture of the new item in action.
Hey Jammers! :D 
Today is a mini-Update day! Which is a pretty rare occasion because most of the time AJ HQ updates on their bi-weekly schedule. Here's the Jamaa Journal.
The summer carnival is having it's goodbye sale. You know I wonder, where does the summer carnival go? Does it go to another Jamaa-like nation does it go into storage? 
Anyways the adventure base camp has now been expanded. 
They said it was for "easier" navigation but from what I see it takes a little longer to find your adventure. Some people are just too lazy for that AJHQ. No one wants to virtually walk a few feet! 
Look! It's the future Cosmo adventure! You can tell because there is an obvious Cosmo head on that wood sign.  What do you think the adventure will be about? Personally, I think it will be about crunchy muffins. :D
Here are a bunch of things we already know that were retained from the last update. 
Since it's a mini update, AJHQ doesn't add much. 
Now for today's item.
The new High Heels are on sale in Jam-Mart furniture for those who would like to create future foot problems and look a little taller. 
Looks at item and keeps writing. Looks at item again realizing what it is! 0.0
Rant ALERT in 3...2...1...
This has got to be the most horribly, putrid, poorly prepared, vile, unappetizing, disgusting excuse for a sandwich it has ever been my displeasure to have slither down my throat. And I curse this Krabby Patty and all who enjoy them to an earthed and well deserved grave! I also curse myself for using to many dis-pleasuring synonyms in one sentence. 
O.O It seems I got a little carried away. For one thing we weren't talking about sandwiches. 
Goes to change ripped clothes.
  Pours water on hair on fire. 
Now then. 
But seriously this item is very horrible. It looks like a 70's nightmare. 
Here's what it looks like on an animal! ...
very odd and weird. It's very stupid. DX

Anyways I would like to give some people a special thanks! ;D
-Special thanks to the followers! We now have 31 of them! 
-Special thanks to the commenters. Thank you so much you don't know how much I enjoy your comments! Please comment some more. 
-Special thanks to the viewers. Even if you viewed for half a second you still made the number go higher! :D
Thank You everyone! 
For your support! :D 


  1. O.O
    I wonder how it really looks like on a jammer. It looks terrible though and they are trying to humanized everything. I like some humanized items but this is just wow. Can you post a picture on this showing a jammer wearing that? I want to see how they look :3

  2. Sure I will definitely! :D
    I completely hate this item it's probably the worst yet.

  3. Crunchy Muffins? XD, If it is i hope it will turn into real ones so i can eat them :D

  4. Some people actually wasted 500 gems on these things. O_O You could have bought 33 good ole' fashion pillows with that money.


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