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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#Pet Monkey Plushie

pugz781's Story on the Adventure Lounge has been updated with new content! :D
Hello To All People of Jamaa!
Today's new item is the wonderful, overpriced, and tiny pet monkey plushie. Currently in the store shelves of the Summer Carnival.
I don't know why but it just doesn't look right to me. Perhaps it doesn't have the monkey's body, it's just like an oval or the upper end of a banana. So buy yours today, please ignore my discouragement. :P
Anyway's yesterday and AGAIN today I will announce once again that I will have a contest once the blog reaches 20,000 viewers and at least 30 follower. So lets take a look at that progress....
Currently 26 followers a 0% change from yesterday. 
and we have 19,969 viewers. Just 31 more viewers till we reach 20,000. 
May I also remind you that the first prize will be a blue non-member sword!
Second prize will be a choice between red or black mech angel wings.
Third Price a Rare Frankenstein Mask .
So come on follow ME! :D 
Also please comment. I know some of you have opinions so do just sit there not saying anything. Express your thought make your voice heard! 

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