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Thursday, August 8, 2013

#The Outback's Imports

Special Thanks to vms915 for designing the links to the left~ >>>> Bow down to her awesome awesomeness! >:D
Hey Jammers! :D
As you know today is update day! The day that comes every other week to bring us new exciting things! :D
Here's the Jamaa Journal.
Hooray! There is an all new shop located in the Kimbara Outback! :D 
It's obviously called Outback Imports. :P 
Here's what they are currently selling.
Not bad, but I'm not a fan of misshapen rocks. 
Here's a look inside the store.
I hope they sell some of the vases that I higlighted in red.
Hey, HEY what are you doing that's meh strudel give it back...
Oops, its seems I typed what I was screaming. :P
Anyway's lets review the rest of the Jamaa Journal.
Here are some things that we know already! :L The only thing we don't know is that The Phantom Portal now has a hard mode. It's also available for all jammers! :D
P.S. I played hard mode.... It's not fun! D:
Hooray Koalas have returned. Just in time for the future adventure with Cosmo! 
Also, spiked collars have returned and are currently on sale in the Diamond Shop.
Pictured above is my favorite! :P Sadly I only have one pathetic diamond. Not only that but the new spiked collars don't conflict with the old spiked collars. The new spiked collars are a complete set of different colors so for those who have them, your collar is still rare! :D
I hope AJHQ makes a gem-to-diamond converter! It's really hard to earn them! 
Lastly, we have a simple reminder that reminds us about the impending adventure with Cosmo the Koala Alpha. Notice they said, very soon. By very soon, AJHQ means 2 weeks. Which I feel isn't very soon! :P
That's about it for now! :D
P.S. Must remember to make a 13 questions with Kinyonga! :D

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