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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stone Lamp

Meow jammers!
The screen took so long to load and I was waiting 'AAH'. :Z
I was on hold for the new Jamaa Journal to arrive and I was looking forward for the otters which probably should have been out by now...
So as it loaded, I did the spin and 25x2. :o
My lucks not bad though. I had 24 diamonds now 20. 
Not kidding. I can prove by an image if you ask me. :P
Anyway so sadly now new updates today...

I was waiting to see something Coral-ish at Kimbara Outbacks.
And after a while we have one.

A stone lamp with a coral-ish stand. XD
The lamp's head is also coral-ish.
And certainly the switch too, if you'd notice that. XD
You could keep some tiny items on those corals - if they exist. Lol.
Anyway, I am not giving it ratings now cause it's past my bed-time and I am still posting. :P
I still have gotta finish my post at the AJ Adventure. .o.
Maybe you could give it some ratings in the comment section. ^.^

Kimbara Outback is mainly about Australia.
The rock, scenery and obviously the animals on the Journey Book too.
I have studied about Australia in Geography and it's indeed a very nice country.
Australia is one of the world's most beautiful country.
The worlds main deserts are in Australia.
Oh and don't forget about ze Great Barrier Reef. :D
Although, Kimbara Outback hasn't been a popular land yet.
I am sure it will, if AJ makes it more interesting.C:

Oh and if you ever noticed the Eye Test Reading at Medical Center.

Do you see it is all the Alphas' names.
First spells GREELY then LIZA, COSMO, GRAHAM in green. 
I can't read any further, can you?
Perhaps, I've failed in the Eye Test. XD
I wear glasses IRL though.
They are -3.25 both. :T
It's because I don't eat vitamins for the eye. .o.
Do you wear glasses? A nerd? XD
Visit the comics page to see a funny comic about Kimbara Outback.
Oh and I was making a comic with my friend.
It's a surprise. You wait!
It will be here within this month, if we are successful.
It will be no ordinary one. Perhaps 'EGGSTRAORDINARY!'.

There are yet 3-4 undiscovered places in Jamaa.
What are you expecting? C:
Egyptian? African? Tall Towers? Indian? Or something naturalistic.

You see rivers?
What do you think now?
Hills and rivers!
That's it. :D
Nepal? Himaliyas? Oh no there is already his Mt. Shiveer.

But if you'd agree with me:

A cool snow-peaked mountain sign at the top of Mt. Shiveer.
Mhmm? Interesting!
And the DE post about the News Crews winner!
Congrats Magical Arcticwolf!
You should really read this for your good.
You get to learn so much at AJ!
Use this site to play, have fun, make buddies and to get educated.
National Geographic is a channel to help you learn more about the world of animals!

For today, I leave you with this mystery.
Would you be clever enough to figure it out? :D
Okay, let's see who can. C:
Comment whatever you think that is.
Good luck thinking and imagining.
Your imagination matters! 
Until then, play wild!

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