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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pet Giraffes

Hello Jammers! Today is update day but firstly,lets start off with today's new item the Straw Hat,Sold in Jam Mart Clothing!

Okay then,lets start of with the front cover of the journal!

You can buy these cute little critters for 3 Diamonds in the Diamond Store,like every other pet..

The giraffes are very cute though I have to say comment down below if you like the new Giraffes or whether you don't! Next in the journal...

A brand new den the Crystal Palace Den is the biggest den in Jamaa yet! These epic dens can be brought in the Diamond Store for 7 Diamonds,so be sure to grab yours today! The den even feature diamond statues of the alphas!

There are even secret places with Zios and Mira on the floor.Its a pretty cool den if you ask me! I would definitely recommend buying it as its giant!  

Moving on from the whole den talk lets check out the next page..

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the party list as you might spot the freedom party! The freedom party has lots of awesome items and accessories and a Firework Show! In other news Lions are now officially endangered so can no longer purchase them in the diamond store but be sure to visit the Conservation Museum to learn more about lions!

Moving onto the next page..

Check out the newest mode of Bubble Trouble,Hard mode can now be played so that means...awesome prizes! And you can now enter the Underwater Base Camp through the tunnel in Bahari Bay!

Speaking of adventures..

The Ocean Base Camp music can now be bought in the Diamond Store music section! Moving onto the next page..

Rhinos will soon be returning to Jamaa after their long travels away from Jamaa. Head on over to the Jamaa Journal to check out the newest video 'Peck One Already'!


Moving onto the next page..

Be sure to visit Epic Wonders as for the next few weeks every clothing item in Epic Wonders is on sale 50% off! Be sure to get your entries for the accessory contest as you have to submit them by the 30th June!


Be sure to visit Jammer Central to see the events which are happening in June/July

As for videos..Tierney Thys presents us with a new video about fish,so be sure to visit her aquarium theater to watch this new video!

Be sure to grab all of you favorite items for sale this weeks that are on clearance!

I end this post today with a Jammer Tip DE post,about the new Giraffe pets!

Thats about it for today's post! Don't forget to check back later as i will posting a tour of the Freedom Party and the bubble trouble adventure hard mode prizes! Happy Jamming!

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