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Friday, June 20, 2014

Greely Coral Reef

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Greely Tiki Statue! These silly looking statues can be brought in Jam Mart Furniture!

There are two DE posts,about the Hyena News Crew winner and this weeks AJHQ+A


This weeks AJHQ+A!

Meanwhile there happens to be a new item in the Diamond Store...

The Wolf Claw can now be brought in the Diamond Store for 3 diamonds! And Tierney Thys presents us with a new video all about Is it fun to go underwater?

Sad news for England fans..England is out of the Fifa World Cup! 

Don't forget to comment down below which team you are supporting and who you want to win the 2014 Fifa World Cup! That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

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