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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freedom Fox Party

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is located at the Freedom Party,be sure to purchase the returning Freedom Fox Hat for 1,250 gems! 
Use this item to celebrate Freedom Day in style! Comment Question:What is your favorite item in the Freedom Party so far? If you haven't got one yet,then head on over there today!
Its your final day to purchase the Hovering Desk,in Jam Mart Furniture! Be sure to purchase it today as you won't be able to tomorrow.There have been lots of items leaving Jamaa,but hopefully AJHQ will release lots of awesome items too!
It's your last day to submit your Jamaa Snap entries! Will you be able to fit all 27 of the animals in Jamaa in one picture? It might be quite hard,but who doesn't love a challenge! Good luck to everyone who entered!


This is a very strange glitch that occurs when you are on AJ and you switch your dens and your screen goes black this only happens to a few people on AJ!
And to end my post today I leave you with a Daily Explorer Jammer Tip post about the Freedom party!
Comment Question:Have you visited the Freedom Party?  Happy Jamming!


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