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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#Giant? Pet Spider Plushie

Hey Jammers! :D
Today's new item is the Pet Spider Plushie on sale in the Summer Carnival plushie shop.
Yeah I'm sure AJHQ had misnamed it. It's not giant at all. So no one get your hopes up.
In other news, Local Resident Kinyonga has fainted in horror and inadvertently fallen into a lake in which she drowned and evolved then winked at another local resident, Silver Dawn. More to the story at 5. Just kidding. Enter Kinyonga's Contest HERE.

Also for today's side topic. People who trade.~~~
Now by trade I don't mean the average jammer who might see something they like and trade for it. I mean the ridiculous Jammer who spends their ENTIRE day trading on a virtual game. 
I'm not kidding people actually do that. There is this one jammer who goes from what I've seen goes online and gets into a land like Crystal Sands or Coral Canyons in Aldan and just sits/stands/ or dances there to trade. The jammer never even says a WORD! I mean hopefully she has friends because she seems very lonely for just sitting there trading all day. 

Well that's it for today! :D

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