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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Basketball Hoop Trouble

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Basketball Hoop! This fun item can be bought in Jam Mart Furniture!

If you click the basketball or the actual hoop itself the basketball goes into the hoop this is a great item (even though it isn't fitting in with the world cup theme) Its a great item if you love sports! Meanwhile here is today's DE post,all about some more Jammer Art - Bubble Trouble adventure!

Congratulations to all of the Jammer that got their awesome Bubble Trouble art featured in today's DE post! In other news,more item are on their last day in Jamaa..

Its quite annoying that they are leaving the stores on the same day! So be sure to pick yours up before they disappear! If you want to see more clearance items then click here to visit the clearance items blog! Talking about items are you annoyed that lots of past rares are coming back or are you glad that they are back? Be sure to comment down your opinions in the comments!

Also are you happy or annoyed that you can only win rares in the mini game Sky High and the adventure The Forgotten Dessert? Or do you want rares to be sold in the stores around Jamaa? Comment down below your opinions! Meanwhile,there is a new code! This code gives you 1,000 gems so be sure to try it out:

And be sure to head on over to Brady's Theater to watch the all new video about spiders! Eek!

See if you can answer this questions in the comments! That's about it for today's post! Remember to check back tomorrow as its update day! Happy Jamming!

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