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Friday, January 24, 2014

Well now....

Hey Everyone
I just read the news on Kinyonga. I am very sad because she was awesome! The best buddy ever. Anyway, so I decided not to post last weekend because... other than RockyTop2 and Kinyonga who actually committed to their posting days, it seems no one had enough time to post, I certainly don't. I really thought I would but I just don't anymore! There's way too much going on and Animal Jam is sadly declining. Its hard to keep up with so much when you know you can't stand being somewhere you don't want to be. Well if the remaining authors were wondering I think I'm really finished with this blog after 3 unsuccessful years there's just no point. I don't really want to ramble on but I'm just done and so is this blog I don't want to burden any of my remaining authors with more work than they already have. So yeah! It's hard to say it but just remember stuff like this doesn't last forever. One day you love AJ the next you hate it!
Well anyway I'm going to stop writing lol
Good luck on future endeavors Rocky and Sweetpanda! :
Let's not forget about Kiny! We all appreciated your friendship and your wit :D
Later Jammers~


  1. Nooo!
    You can't just stop this blog. :c
    It's a great blog. We can still continue. :)
    I'll post whenever I'm free. :D
    Maybe the next Wednesday. :DD

  2. I would definitely not call them "unsuccessful years." This blog rocks!
    I do know what you mean though. You can't hold on to things forever. Although with AJ, it doesn't seem like a "you love it one day and hate it the next" thing. I think it sorta happens over time. Well, that's how it seems to me anyway. I think the best way to handle the movement of time is to live in the moment.
    But anywho, best of luck with whatever comes your way, Infinite! You're amazing, inspirational, and just a wonderful person. Never forget it! :D


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