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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Phantom Lockbox~

Hey Jammers! :D 
Sorry for being gone for quite some time. I was busy with school which is basically what makes all of us busy from August to June. Now,  lets get to the new item. 
Today's new item is the Phantom Lockbox. On sale in the new shop located in the Adventure base camp. :P 
I don't know what it's called. Anyone? 
Now I don't know exactly why AJHQ would decide to sell the reason for all evil in Jamaa especially if it tries to break out of the box to.... you know, finish you. Luckily the 3-inch steel wall keeps it at bay and also makes this thing cost so much. 
Well now, I have noticed that I have recently gained 2 followers! :D 
Thank you all for following. I will have a contest and a party when we reach 40 followers and 25,000 views. That is, if my absences practically destroy the viewers I try so hard to keep. There's no business like blog business because there isn't a blog business because I made that up. XP
Well now, that's all for today.


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