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Thursday, August 8, 2013

#The Strangest Item Sighting

Hey Jammers! :D 
Today is probably one of the few days when I post more than once a day. It's just very odd I think I had to show you all and also, I love fried chicken! :D 
O.K. I was recently in Coral Canyons Minding my own bid-ness. All of a sudden I get this trade... 
At first It seemed normal until I looked very closely. 
I saw the most peculiar item. An item I had never ever seen! 
Take a look at the picture...
Has anyone at all ever seen this item? I sure haven't. It's so odd because it's nonmember and it has never, (or at least to my knowledge) been sold in Jamaa! 
Do any of you know what it is and how it could be bought or earned? 
Answer in the Comments! :D


  1. I think its from a hard mode of the phantom portal prize!!!!


  2. @Wolflover - Good guess. My thoughts precisely :3

  3. Hard mode in adventures.


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