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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#Golden Wattle

Hello Jammers! :D 
Excuse me for the two-day absence I was trying to stop some people from doing the following...
1. Screaming at a stop sign and telling it.. "What happened to Johnny Carson!"
2. Biting a local brick. 
3. Screaming at the sky for being dark.
4. Eating a banana with the peel still on it.
5. Stopping a little girl on a low-speed chase about to go through a volcano.
Anyways, today's new item is the Golden Wattle on sale in the Outback Imports.
Very nice item. I might or might not buy it.
In other news... 
According to Rockytop2, rares can now be won through the hard mode in the adventures. 
I haven't won some myself but I have seen some people who have won. Like this one person won a Pirate Sword.
In more news, we have the lying perps. 
I keep seeing people outraged when someone says that Julian2 or Wootmoo are in a specific land.
By the way, what's so great about those guys? Why are they so popular?
Anyway's these perps lie to other jammers just for fun. Well I have some news for you buddeh, don't do it. If someone screamed that your greatest idol was in some room, say.... Tony Danza, wouldn't you run over there and then be outraged when you find that there is no one there.
Well that's it for now.


  1. For some reason, when I saw the word "wattle," I thought "waddle." You know, like penguins? :D K, I know, makes no since.

    Eating a banana with the peel on...How unfortunate.


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