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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Night of The Phantoms + an Amazing Update!

Night of The Phantoms has finally arrived to Jamaa!
Since today is Update Day, first of all, we have a new adventure! :D

So basically, this is related to the new Halloween theme! 
And the best part of it is that it is for ALL JAMMERS! ^.^
Well, another new touch to this adventure is that - you have to play it at a PET!
Yeah! If you are a nm, you play as a hamster, and if you are a member, then you can play it as any of your land pets!
This is actually the TBA (To Be Announced) adventure which is temporarily released as Bitter Sweets!
So, why do you think the sweets are bitter?
According to me, I think it is because the phantoms were taking over them!
I will be doing a post on this adventure shortly, so stay tuned! 

On the second page, we have a news about Tarantulas and Pandas!

Yay! These exotic bears finally return to Jamaa!
In case you didn't have one, you can adopt one... <3
On the other hand, the new Tarantula pets have dropped by the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds!
All the new animals and pets have been frequently being for sale in the Diamond Shop! >.<

On the third page, we have some Night of The Phantoms news! :)

Oh, finally! We have the Haunted Manson dens for sale at the Diamond Shop for 5 diamonds!
Don't forget to get yours and give it a spooky makeover! /).(\
I certainly love this season of Jamaa a lot! Do you? :P

Comment Call: What is your favorite festive occasion of Jamaa? Why?

Moving on to the fourth page, there are some more galactic news about the Night of The Phantoms!

So, have you stopped by the Phantom Vortex?
It is really a really mazing and hypnotic place! 
Don't forget to play the new game 'Phantoms' (which was probably here last time, as far as I remember) and receive your fantastic scary prize; the Phantom Scarecrow! :3
The Haunted Forest party is back to Jamaa! :O
Lol. They also bring back the Spooky Trees!!! :OOO

On the fifth page is nothing relating to this season...

Have you watched that amazing video yet?
Did you draw it? Was it useful? :I
Yet, we have another new shop located at Deep Blue called the Marine Marvels!
It is sorta like the Mystery Emporium and sells underwater alpha statues!

On the last page, we have a rather sadder news...
We should've ended with a happy one, though. :T

These fast new creatures will soon becoming endangered! :C
Ik, also in real life, they are... D:
Please donate for this fantastic living creatures, I don't want them extinct! :'(
Three weeks (23rd October) and they are gone!
Hurry, buy yours before they are gone from the Diamond Shop!
The pandas return and the cheetahs leave... :I
Anyway, I hope they return soon! :D
Btw, if you have already purchased one, you can still keep it! ;P

Okay, that was it for this update!
I really enjoyed this update! Did you? ^.^
Well, I will be doing a more detailed post about some specific stuff from this update!
So keep your eyes peeled and keep checking back often! :)
It will be here in no time!

Anyway, so it's time to say farewell!
See you on Monday guys! :)
Until then, play wild!

P.S Do you like my new signature? ^.^

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