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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday AJ!

Meow jammers!
The update has been going on for hours and hours.
Like 4 hours and more.
We've been waiting to see something stunning.
Like we thought, it was gonna be the outstanding update!
But maybe it's not. D:
Nevermind, it yet is a rather nice one. ^.^
But not so satisfactory.

Let's start with the new item first.

It's the Bunny Claw at the Diamond Shop.
Pleased as punch it's for non members, again. >.^
Bunnies would be quite cute, indeed.
The bunnies in this claw looks like cutie-pies, but when you get the actual plushie 
it's like ghastly ghosts. >.<
Uttermost of today's items are in the diamond shop.

Okay, so let's move ahead to the update now.

So just as jammers propounded.
We have a new pet, hanging on to their hats to explore Jamaa!
Go and adopt one of these for 3 diamonds now in the Diamond Shop!
How many of you find these adorable?
I don't. They're creepy! /).(\
Look at their mouth.
If they weren't like this, maybe I'd say they were adorable. XD
They are, in a way, but not comprehensively. :o

Which of these two do you think is superior to serve a better company? :D

I go with the one below. :D

Awakening to the second page, we have something about AJ's 4th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you AJHQ!

Have you visited the returning party again?
But this time, it has a number 4 candle on the top floor! ;D
Be sure to check it out!

Type in the code:
For a special gift, before you log in!

Here are a few snaps from the partaaaay:

The party also sells the alpha statues with extended statues now.

A sheer of 24 alphas altogether.
Where's Tavie? :o

Let's see what awaits on the third page.

Introducing the new Diamond Encrusted set!
This new incredible shiny-sparkling armor is now standing for sale in the diamond shop!

So the below ones are for non-members.
That's great! :D

Here is a Snow Leopard with the complete set.
Doesn't it look amazing? ^.^

Now related to this fantastic new clothings, arrives the Egyptian Treasure!
Forget your sadness whoever voted for the Egyptian Treasure. :D
Here they come! (I knew they would).

Shiny and sparkly.
An experience in a day of a king's life. :D
So majestic. ^.^
I love these items! C:
So do you? :)

On the fourth page, we practically have:

Oh, bet it's the Giraffes! Or what? o.o
Oh and miss you beta party!
You were sorta fun. ^.^
I think it shouldn't have left.
It will be returning though. :D

And now on the fifth page.

The Summer Carnival will be soon leaving Jamaa! D:
All the items are now on 50% off, which means half the price is deducted. 
Be sure to buy all your favorites before it goes.
It's the best time and best way to save your tickets! ^.<

And lastly we conclude with an advertisement for more credits. :o

Well unfortunately, the Snow Leopard and Lion left the Outfitters.
I would have got them, or else. :o

Anyway, that was a long update.
What did you think of it? :D
Be sure to comment your opinion about it. ^.^
Savor this delighting enjoyment.
Let's look forward and expect a more appealing update next Thursday!
Until then, play wild!

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