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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Arrivals of the Cutie Otters!

Meow jammers!
-Hears thunder; heart throbs-
Oh gosh it's been raining densely for hours now... Days...
I can even hear huge raindrops falling and making tip-top noises.
Oh and school has begun so I couldn't regulate time to post.
Anyway, my dad needed the computer for a few days. So yeah...
I'm going to go away like this nowadays.
And even Snowypaw is on vacations...
Eh. Sorry

Ice cream stuff isn't being sold lately.
Today we have a Portrait of Liza.
Maybe portraits will come out including all the alphas.

A bamboo frame with Liza's portrait.
A portrait is a painting of a person...
I don't like that shape of her face and specially her villainous hair.
She somewhat seems hideous to me. XD
What do you think of Liza? :D

Okay so moving on to the update, which bring down curtains; these adorable seals.
The introductory page introduces us with the new vertebrates: OTTERS!

They are such cuties.
If you have observed carefully, all the new animals are now appearing in the diamond shop...
This issue is mainly focusing on Otters.

They look animated, formatting a 3D shape.
Did you buy your Otter yet?
Are you saving up diamonds? :D
I'm gonna get an eagle and crystal den, I have 20 diamonds permanently. 
If I get more, I am looking forward for OTTAH. Eee!

Aww. Wavy-Wavy!
I don't like the face but I have to admit it took my attention.
So cuteee.

This is how your Otter looks in your profile.
I am satisfied, indeed. :D

Luckily it happened to be an hour ago when I spotted the Otter moves.

They are like clap clap dancing. :D

I seem to have recorded the other moves. XD

I have fast-forwarded the video cause it was too sluggish.
Hope it wasn't trouble seeing. :P
Btw, the color of the fish depends on what color you dress in! :D
They comprehend white and black.

Moving on to the next page we have the Otter Exhibit!

AJ is a fun and educational game.
Do you learn some new facts about animals or only play? ^.^
You should if you don't, it will boost your knowledge. C:
Get the ball rolling. :)

Before I enrolled the Chamber of Knowledge I saw some Otter Banners.


And after I walked in I saw the otter book in the front!

Click the book and read about these amazing creatures.

Thanks to AJHQ for letting us read books online. :D
I like how it's made with gifs (moving pictures).

There are these Discovery Badges all around.

Click the Discovery Badge at every page after you have discovered what they have asked for.

It appears in color and shines once you have click it.
Be sure to discover, they are fun and interesting.

I found the last page quite interesting!
Yay! I can now draw the otters. :D

The benefit of completing all the discovery badges is:

100 Gems. Thank you AJ. You should receive the 100 gems for helping us. ;)

Head to the Conversation Museum if you haven't watched this cute video 'Otter Fun'.

In the third page we have a contemporary SALE!

This is your fortuitous to get 200 gems off.
Save your gems, hurry! 50%
Turning the Tide is now in Hard Mode and features the Lionfish Armor!

Let's catch a glimpse of the fourth page. ^.^

Ooo. :o
Tavie was born without a tail fin? That's so pessimistic. D:
We do understand the discomfort. :C
She seems delightful to me and Ocean-friendly. :D
Help Tavie and Rio save the oceans from the phantoms invading it!

On the concluding page, we end up with an advertisement.

Be sure to visit the Outfitters and get these if possible.
Oh and I might get my membership at an unspecified moment rapidly.

Well we are not finished with the update yet!
He-he. ^.^

The brand new trade system has arrived in a peculiar way.

Fear flooded me when I saw this. Oh gosh.
This huge thing pops up suddenly and shocks you. XD
Take the whole screen out. Lol.
This is useful. You can remember the username. :D
And thus, the Ok and No signs don't seem to appear a few seconds later.
Hope the scammers don't find it out. :D
What did you think of this Otterly Fun update?
Do you agree with those who say 'OTTERS SHOULD BE FOR NON-MEMBERS!'?
Answer the questions.
Until then, play wild!

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