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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rare Sun Visor and Toppings Display

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Meow jammers!
I'm on the cuff today, so I can post. :D
Sorrowfully, my school is starting tomorrow again after this lengthy Summer Vacation.
My mom is now compressing me on studying concentrated this year cause last year my results stood out badly off. It was my worst result ever.
So she wants me do my best results this year. And I'm trying my first-rate this year.
So I might not get enough time for AJ, and might miss many posts. Sorry.
In that case, Snowypaw will be here.

Anyway, today's RIM is the splendid Rare Sun Visor.

I guess it was because the Rare Sun Visor has left Jamaa.
An even more colorful rare version of it has arrived but for just one day. :)
So be sure to purchase it from the fifth page of Jam Mart Clothing.
This is a neighborly item in a sunny day. :D

And for the Ice Cream set, another brand-new item has joined the collection.

Which flavor is your desire?
I will go with the blue or green one.
I must say, the item's quite satisfactory.

Oh and this peculiar item was spot by Snowypaw.
Nobody else noticed it. Nobody visits the Diamond Shop. :o
Unlucky Monkey Claw.

Aww cute monkeys.
The actual plushies aren't cute to me. 
No offense, I won't buy it.

AJ has been posting for a few days about pets.
 Here's yesterday's DE post.

Will you be able to take this responsibilities? :)
Which pet do you think is best for you.
Do you have any pets already?

I had 8 dogs, which stayed at our garage but we couldn't give them much time so we set them free.
We live in the town so we don't have a lawn for dogs.
As an indoor pet we have cats. 14 cats. :D
Me and my sis is a cat lover. Are you?
Speaking of pets, here's a pic of my cat Pearl.

Pearl may sound as a female name but Pearl is certainly a male cat. :P
He also has a bro called Cloudy.
I'll try posting his pic later.

Perhaps, if you are curious you can go to my cat blog:

Click the image to visit.
Pearl and Cloudy are twin brothers so they look alike.
Anyway, not to waste more of your time - I'll end the post here.
Stay with your pets!
Until then, play wild!

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