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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Posting Begins....

Hey Jammers! :D
Pardon my absence, I was waiting for Sweetpanda to respond and I just remembered to check and she did! Welcome to the team sweetpanda!
Now here's the schedule......
This is a temporary schedule until the 2 authors are chosen :D
Thursday-Random Author Day! (Will be chosen Wednesday in advance)
Friday-I'm not sure I don't want to over work my authors so this one is open to you!
Saturday-Infinitemajesty YES! I'm posting!:D
Sunday-Infinitemajesty (Come on! I have to do it some time!)
SO, before I actually confirm this schedule, authors, please let me know if this conflicts with anything you have to do in ANYWAY. Even if it causes rashes!
Thank You!


  1. Yep, Tuesday works for me! When you say Friday is open to us, do you mean we pick who posts there? :D

  2. *falls on floor gasping*
    Uhhh a rash...a horrible rash...
    Oh. Fake rash.

    Normally, Wednesday would be fine ;) but maybe Monday or Thursday would be better, as I can almost always DEFINITELY post on those days.
    Because sometimes if Mum get's the nasty lil' idea into her head that me and my sister are going onto the computer too much, she makes the next day a No-Computer-Day.
    But I've persuaded her to keep Mons and Thurs (RIM and update) days free.

    1. My mom does the same thing! Except, it happens more during the weekend.

    2. Okay so I'll move sweetpanda around to Wednesday. No worries! :D

  3. Sweetpanda AJ not signed inJanuary 18, 2014 at 5:31 AM

    Okay, It's fine with me. :D
    Sorry, I wasn't on earlier.
    Darn me. XD
    I'll try posting. :D
    Not try * I mean I will. :DD


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