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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Up and Coming Jammers!

Hey Jammers! 
Since my blog is officially over (read my farewell post below) I just wanted to redirect you to some other up and coming blogs that you can go to for any info! So without further ado here it goes! 
Click the Blog Titles to visit them! :D 
  • Kinyonga's Animal Jam Times  Why? On time posting, funny posts, heartfelt stories. Lots of fun contests, tons of viewers wonderful author who actually listens to her audience. Kinyonga is my best buddy so CLEARLY i will support her blog! XD 
  • Animal Jam Sky Blog Why? Exceptionally thorough posting, Fun activities, on time posting nice author who actually listens to his audience.  Owned by Chocolate4050/ Scooter
  • Animal Jam Roar This is one of my favorites. I view it everyday even thought I don't comment as much! Sorry Rocky! :P It has HILARIOUS posts, on-time posting, fun contests, a listening author, and perfect humor! Rocky is a talented writer. :D Unlike me who writes a lot of jumble! XD Owned by Rockytop2.
  • Animal Jam Cheats and Codes Owned by MisterChunkyBuddy, It has on time posting, funny posts/ videos, an author who listens! Fun activities and lots of cool things to ponder about. 
As for that I thing that's about all of the blogs that I've seen and think are very good and have great potential to be a Coveted blog like Snowyclaw's, Lovelost's, and Fuzzy ShyIvy's. 

I would also have included Pumaa's Jammer Central because It's just awesome all around! However Pumaa hasn't posted so I'm not sure what's going on there. Just in case he posts again you can click HERE



  1. I so sorry to hear you are leaving! Thanks for the nice recommendation by the way!!

  2. I know, it's hard to leave but it's just time to do so. Your welcome, I really think you have potential because your blog is just AWESOME! XD

  3. Wow, thanks so much!! If I was to quit I'd say the same thing about your blog. It's one of my daily ones!

  4. Thanks a lot! Its sad when someone quits but everyone gets tired sometime. Good luck with the rest of your life! :D

  5. It's because I have a way more popular blog I own with theslidoo:



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