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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hey Jammers! If there are any out there still reading. 
It's me Infinite. I just wanted to clarify why I haven't been posting and why the title says farewell. In short I think it's time I quit AJ. So if you don't want to read the whole story of my time on AJ then just read this. 

It was May 2011, I was at a Mothers Day family gathering at my Aunt's House. My cousin (Sami1) introduced me to AJ she just told me to join because it was fun. A while back around our Christmas party I had seen a little glimpse of AJ. It was all gingerbready and I thought it was a little odd. 
Anyway's, I created my first account Canyoncloud441 and played for about 10 minutes. Afterwards I forgot about it and didn't go back on for about a month. In June 2011 I suddenly remembered about AJ and I created another account because I had forgotten Canyoncloud. This time I had enough time to think about it and I chose my username Infinitychips which I later changed to Infinitemajesty! It was also around this time that I first saw Snowyclaw's blog I was inspired and by July 2011 I had created my blog. It was called The Animal Jammers AJ Blog. I posted for a little but because I didn't know how to take screenshots I got discouraged and I stopped. In the meantime I met a lot of friends who have since quit. By November, AJ was an everyday thing. I would log on after school and just play. By December I purchased my first membership. It was then that I had restarted my blog this time it was called The Animal Jam Voice. Yeah, I know, this blog has gone through a ton of changes. This second attempt, worked pretty well but since I was tired of the name I decided to rename it Animal Jam Parade! :D Meanwhile in my Jammer journey, I had met more new people. Had been scammed by mean jerks. I also began collecting some rares. Around March 2012 I believe, someone had commented on my blog saying it was so cool! This person was Kinyonga. Soon after, I received a buddy request and went to meet her. I never thought she would become one of my best friends and a person that I will never forget! In the meantime my blog grew increasingly popular. Now don't get me wrong, my blog never exploded in popularity it just gathered little by little viewers. Anyway, back in the AJ world the holiday celebrations passed and what not. I was increasingly playing AJ ALL the time. It was starting to become a habit. Time went on and I kept on playing and playing forgetting about other things that were important. Also forgetting my age. I kept going on and on on AJ until about May 2013 my big rush suddenly stopped. In the months leading up to this, I was growing tired of Jamaa for a few reasons. My buddies quit so I didn't see them a lot. Kinyonga lives in France and I haven't chatted with her in Jamaa for a LONG time. I didn't want to meet new people because I felt as if everyone was just playing for rares or for popularity. I also felt like AJ was trying to push aside what was important, friendships and adventure and learning. Not only that but reality slapped me in the face. I was a 16 year old playing on a kids game. There, that's my age 16. Then in June of 2013 the adventures were released. I was so excited that I began coming back to AJ once more. Not only that but I had  also collected more rares than I ever had. I felt popular. I also forgot what it meant to be a jammer. Throughout the summer I was expecting to continue my trek with the blog and playing in the amazing world of Jamaa. Then school returned with a vengeance. So here's another truth, I'm in High School yes, I am in the 11th grade this year. I take advanced classes that require a lot of work. I tried my best to balance everything out but I couldn't and here's why. The past 10 school years. I have always been the quiet guy. I never said anything. When a person tried to come up and talk to me I would in a sense push them away and just sit there like an locked safe. This year I wanted to change that. Over the summer and over the years I learned that everything will be OK. In school I was bullied, I was once pushed into some bushes for no reason. I've been slapped on the head and called mean names. It pushed me more into a secluded state. I learned that not everyone is judgmental or a bully. I became determined to have more friends get myself more out there. I also became determined to push my grades higher than they had ever been. It's working out nicely too! I no longer feel as shy or reserved and have made some more friends. Don't get me wrong I did have friends I just wanted to get more! :P So with that being said I didn't feel the need to go on to Jamaa and play for hours. Especially since I am busy now with a ton of school work. Which brings us to today. I can finally say that my journey through jamaa is done. I had basically used Jamaa as a way to live out the whole notion of being a kid. Since I was always so shy that I missed out on some of the things that being a kid were all about. Now I think I can say that my journey through Jamaa is done. After all it's not meant to last forever I mean seriously, a 18 or 20 year old on AJ is just creepy. I think 16 is an O.K. number since a lot of people do tend to jam until they are 15 with a few exceptions. Anyway if you were my buddy I hope I didn't scare you off. I kind of think that AJ came a little too late for me! :P Anyway, i'm done and I can now say farewell! Goodbye everyone who I have buddied, befriended, hated and jammed with.
So for those of you who wanted to look for a little more of me here I a short bio.
1. I am 16 years old! 2. I attend high school and am in the 11th grade. 3. I am not going to be on AJ forever that would be weird. 4. I was a very shy and reserved person and while I can't say that I'm passed that I can say that I'm working on it a day at a time. 4. I live in the U.S.A! In Texas! In Houston! 5. I want to be an architect. 7. I hope you all know that I will remember all my times forever. AJ is a journey I will never forget. You can still contact me through my e-mail infinitemajesty@gmail.com! For further questions, comments.
Jam On!~


  1. Just wondering, do you have a spiked collar i can trade for? I don't play AJ for rares, but i an just trying to get a spiked collar! Plz contact me on AN before u REALLY leave! (If u have one XD)


  2. I totally understand how you feel. I'm 13, and I feel like I'm maybe too old to play. And like you, I'm in many advanced classes in school and it can get really stressful. I'm also on my school's volleyball team which takes lots of dedication and time. I totally understand.

  3. 16? Hehe, I never would have guessed :p
    I mean, I don't mean that in a bad way...I just...ahem, never mind. o.e
    I knew you lived in Houston X3 the map that used to be somewhere on the blog...lol.

    Why don't you make another blog? A non-AJ blog? Like a photo blog?
    Are you going to keep your story blog?

    Personally, I think you're lucky going to school...homeschooling is dull, really. I mean, you have less time doing your work, but you also never meet any other kids...which is why, I guess, I'm still on AJ myself.

    I'm glad you're keeping the email :3

    1. You know I was thinking about making a blog where I write about stuff that happens on a daily basis! I'm not sure If I'm going to keep my story blog, I don't know if I have time to write lengthy stories. I'll see what I can do! :P


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