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Monday, September 2, 2013

#Rare Aviator Hat

Hey Jammers! :D
Sorry for posting late, my internet connection has been spotty and therefore AJ loads like a turtle carrying twice it's own weight. 
Today's new item as part of Rare Item Mondays is the Rare Aviator Hat. On sale in Jam-Mart clothing.
I must say this hat makes no kind of impact. It's just a hat! :P Wouldn't something wacky be better?
Also take a look at these pictures Kinyonga took...
Aren't they great! :D Do you think so? 
Well that's about all for now. I must go get some school supplies! 
Sorry for the crummy post. You can yell at me in the comments! :D 

1 comment:

  1. Funny that you mentioned a turtle carrying it's own weight, and then you posted a picture of a turtle. XD
    Ok, it's not actually that funny...excuse me for trying to add some humor.


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