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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Les Nouveau Choses

Les Nouveau Choses = The New Things (French)

Meep Jammers!

I'm sorry I haven't posted! I didn't post on the Animal Jam Diamond either...hopeless. Pathetic. Doomed. *sob*

Well, here's a quick run through of the missed items!

Interesting, though kinda greyish rather than silver?
Gold, though more cream? :p
I like this ^.^

Interesting colour scheme, even for a RIM.

This is a returning item, isn't it? Or not?


And today you'll discover if you can be bothered to log in, is update day in Jamaa!

Animal Jam's third birthday! Argh, I totally forgot!
Maybe we should make AJ a birthday prezzie :3

There's an interesting new cake...one of Mt. Shiveer!

I wonder who made that...maybe that prehistoric creature in the lake at Mt. Shiveer...or maybe, which would be more logical, the Alphas X3

And the Medical Centre, with a brand new layout (for the better or the worse?), is back!
First of all, there's a shop on the right hand side.

It sells 3 different kinds of bandages!

Head bandage, bandage, and cast. At first I thought that that paw on the head bandage was spots of blood... XD
Here's the upstairs:

You can't get on the bed, though - probably to prevent...umm...incidents and such. You know.

Still annoying though. I mean, what if we're dying of malaria or typhoid fever and we can't even lie down? Pathetic. I mean, what are hospitals for?!

Adventure themed stuff for sale? Cool, let's go and have a look!
Here's the shop, which looks kind of fuzzy:

And here's what's for sale!

Again, only one non-member item. Every time a new land, party or shop comes out there are three items, two of them are member and one of them is non-member. In old Jamaa, that would have been the other way around...
Besides, re those phantoms in cages, surely AJ HQ and National Geographic are against penning animals (and even phantoms) up in such small enclosures?!

Make sure you go and check that out! ^.^ Or not. I didn't X3

Yay! Elephants are returning! I hope giraffes and rhinos do, too! ^.^

By the way...just thinking: isn't a journal a diary? So why is it called the Jamaa Journal? Jamaa's Diary? Odd.

Bye for now!

P.S I'm having a sort of mini-contest on my blog, and I'm going to be having a big one for 100,000 views soon, too!

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