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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friendship Bracelet~

Good Morning Fettuccine Alfredo With Chickens! I mean Jammers :P
Today's nuevo articulo (new item) is a bunch of NONSENSE :D.
Just kidding today's new item is the Friendship Bracelet as you can tell by the title :I . Well anyway here's a look.
So yeah! Isn't that wonderful. It's also perfect for Roasting Sausages! 
Just kidding no it's not a bracelet could never cook or handle a sausage's corny attitude.
Well I have a simple request. If anyone could buy me a white and a red friendship bracelet I would thoroughly enjoy it! I guess I could just pay you back whenever my rocket ship comes back to life. I mean my membership! I don't have a rocket that you should know about.
Well thanks to whoever listens and buys me a friendship bracelet.
I will pay you back! 
I mean it. 
No signature~ I forget 
Only Human! :D

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