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Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Stuff I forgot about~

Read my Farewell and More fun Blogs posts below! :D
O.K. I still think there is some way to continue the blog. So, with that being said. 

Is anyone interested in becoming an author for the blog? I need at least 4. 
Here's what you would have to do.
1. Post the daily item everyday. 
2. Come up with some fun activity or side topic to go along with your posts.
3. Never touch the blog's template or layout without my permission. 
4. Reply to comments and suggestions. 
5. Create fun contests and things that jammers can be a part of  say a 30,000 views contest or a special party or a special story contest. I will provide some Rares for the contests!
6. BE DETERMINED, if any author fails to post because they just don't want to or they feel like they are talking to a wall they will be removed. Remember, all blogs face slumps and have times where they are on top of the pillar. Don't quit! Keep Trying! :D 
7. If I am away or just stop moderating the blog I will ask Kinyonga to look over it! :D 
So with that being said, Simply comment that you wan't to! 
Also, just to see what talent I'm dealing with, send me your post that YOU wrote about a daily item to infinitemajesty@gmail.com!  Be sure to include an interesting side topic or activity! :D 

Ok now I'm finished. 
If people ask to be a part of it I will post some more details! :D 


  1. D:
    I'm really, really, really (x1000000000000000000) sorry that I didn't post DX
    At first I just thought you'd post - then the next day, I forgot that you hadn't...and then I just sort of forgot...argh, idk >.<

    1. It's fine Kin, :D Nothing to fall off a cliff for! XD

  2. Just wondering, do you have a spiked collar i can trade for? I don't play AJ for rares, but i an just trying to get a spiked collar! Plz contact me on AN before u REALLY leave! (If u have one XD)


    1. Nope, sorry I haven't had one for awhile. Good luck on finding one though! :D

    2. Ok..too bad! So many ppl are PICKY! Its soooo hard to get a fair trade! Well, thx anyway!


  3. Oh, I would like to! I mean, sometimes I might have to go on long(ish) trips, but generally I could be able to post any day! :) I'll send you one of my posts if you wanna take a look at it.

    1. Because we CAN'T have such an amazing blog going to waste. It would be such a big loss. :(

  4. I would love to, too! ^_^ This is a very good Blog, and I would hate to see it die off, too!

    1. Send Me a sample post to my e-mail infinitemajesty@gmail.com and we'll go from there! :D

  5. Wait...we're still doing this, right? I'm not trying to rush anybody or anything! I just wanna make sure I wasn't left out of some decision to drop the blog and run away without telling Rocky. XD

  6. too many blogs (great ones, too!) have ended. blargh! so i would like to join this blog my name is taco totes. i like this BLOOOOOOGH!

    sorry about that. i am raregirl309. my dog taco was just trying to sign up for this blog. please let him or he will go into rage.

  7. Hi. :)
    I'm new to this blog and I love it. :D
    I love the header and the background and everything else about the blog. ^.^
    I'd like to help you with your blog, if you'd allow me. :)
    I'm sending you a post in a few minutes. :P


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