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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sorry guys!

We are terribly sorry!
We are not taking good care of this blog since Infinite has left.
We apologize for everything.
We will try our best from now on.
Snowypaw or me haven't been posting for long.
Actually I was on vacations.
We will start posting again from tomorrow.
We promise we will not bring you any sorrow.
Infinitemajesty gave us this job and we will accomplish it for him. :)
For now here I have a schedule for this blog:



  1. Hey! Scooter here from the Animal Jam Sky Blog!
    I like your schedule, however one thing is puzzling me. What is that background? Where is it at in Jamaa? Where did you get it? Thanks!


    1. Mt. Shiveer.
      It is not, however, the one you see now. Maybe it was in the beta days. I found it on Google Images.
      If you want it, I'd be happy to email the image to you.

    2. it could be a backround of the unknown land in the top corner of the map it looks alot like the land :)

  2. Oops now I noticed. :P
    I missed an 'e' in the Sch'e'dule. :o
    Sorry. :o


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