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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Blog...

Hey there jammers! Well at least those who still check up to see if there's anything new here, this blog will continue! However, I will not be a regular author as I used to be. The blog's new author will be snowypaw and if I can contact Sweetpanda once more, perhaps she will also join in. This also means that YOU, yes YOU have the chance to become an author!!! 

I have 2 open spaces for any jammer who would like the opportunity to become an author! 
Here are some criteria,
1. You MUST have a Gmail account that you can access. Otherwise I won't be able to invite you to join the blog. 
2. You must NEVER mess with any of the blog's layout or template, leave that to me folks.

3. Please refrain from posting any malicious content of any kind please, this is an AJ blog.

4. You must post at least ONCE a week, unless you are away on vacation, have fallen ill, or are under any circumstances that do not allow you to post here.

5. Have fun and always do your best to stay connected with fellow jammers who enjoy reading! 



  1. how will we mess up the template if we are not an admin

  2. Some will be added as admins that's why. Lol

    1. am i aloud to experiment with the blog i am an experienced coder person! lol

  3. Well if you are experienced with coding then I say! What the heck! It would be wonderful if you could tweak the blog a little bit!


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