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Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm still here! :P

Hey Jammers! 
Sorry for not posting these past few days, I... I fell of a cliff while going on a hiking trip to a mountain range in my state. I don't know what happened it's as if someone theorized that I would have or have fallen off a cliff. LOL Just Kidding, Good one Kiny! XD 
Well, the real reason why I haven't been posting is because as Kinyonga theorized again, school is continuously slapping me in the face with work, and more work and more work. 
Well luckily I have no school today 2 days to post on time! :P 
Well now how is everyone. 
@Zach94 if you still read my blog, I could definitely make you a banner! Any suggestions? 
That's it! 

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