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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#Giant Pet Spider Plushie

Hey Jammers! :D
Today's new item is the Giant Pet Spider Plushie. It's so bad that the spider itself is making a web on it's shelf to give it a "never touched" appearance.
It looks like it's upper eyes are actually it's ears! XD No matter at least it doesn't have a body and it looks like an eggplant. :P
For today's side topic we will talk about diseases and sores. 
Just kidding. Gross! 
Today we will talk about people who randomly go up to you or try to buddy you for your rares.
I for one am not a big fan of someone just following me around because I have a rare blanket. I'm not royalty nor will I ever be. If you are one who follows like this don't do it. We don't like it, or at least I don't like it. It makes me feel like I'm better than anyone. I'm not though we are all the same. Not only that but I wan't people who like me for me not for what I have. So instead of becoming my buddy for my rares why not do it for friendship! 
Random Jumping Bunny Plushie! :D


  1. Cool blog ^.^! Yea, da tiny eyes are like ears XD Jammers who follow chu around just because u have an epic rare, just want it. If they don't follow u around, like just stay in the same spot and trade u, that means they're not THAT desperate. It's fun and epic making friends on an online game ^.^, rather then not meeting them at all and wanting rares


  2. I know it's very annoying but I guess it happens! :D

  3. Everyday there are jammers that add me to go to my den. I don't know why but it ticks me off so much. Sometimes they just check it out or say I'll trade you this and this for your this and that in your den. The items in my den are not for trade. They only add me for my rares,trading,and sometimes they do this: Omg your so epic! I am not epic like youuuu! Can you give me your lava archway? please :'( I feel people only add me because of my items (most do). I keep my budding open just in-case for a true friend.
    ~Sorry I if I sound like a drama queen,spoiled,or ungrateful for "pixels" it just annoys me. I want a friend that will stand up for me (not really stand up but you know :3).~

  4. No your not a drama queen and it is something that happens everyday! Nice seeing you today also! XD


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