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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hey Jammers! :D
Today's new item is the Chalkboard on sale in Jam-Mart Furniture!
Anyways, today might be the last day of my regular posting. Unless you wan't me to post very late like at 4:30 my time! Not only that but I really wan't to focus on my story blog which I have not written an introduction to yet! :P
Well I don't know I might try to post early but it might not work out very well. Since my posts will be rushed because I have to go to school. :0
I've got it! :D
My story blog will be updated weekly! Like on saturdays when I actually have time to sit and write. 
As for AJ Adventure I will either... Post very late or stop posting. Which should I do?
Maybe just post late. How does snowyclaw do it! :P 


  1. I really love your blog! ^-^ I would be really sad if you stopped posting. I am the owner of the Animal Jam Sky Blog, and I started school 2 weeks ago. What I do is just wake up do Animal Jam for 15 minutes to post, get ready for school, and leave. Sometimes I even "plan" a post. By "Plan" a post I mean write everything the day before, except for the new item of course, and then I save it as a draft for the next day. I really hope you keep posting!


  2. Well thanks scooter I appreciate your input! In fact I think you just saved my blog XD. I'll try my best!

    1. Great! I am sure that tons of jammers will love that your staying! And don't worry about school, every kid does it every year, and you will be fine :)


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