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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#Stack of Shelves (Updated)

Hey Everyone and by everyone I mean Jammers :D
It seems today's item is a relative of yesterdays item. Perhaps a very tall cousin that had a huge growth spout. Today's new item is the Stack of Shelves on sale in Jam-Mart Furniture.
Aren't they nice. Perfect for books or some of the few food-ish items AJ HQ makes like Fruit Bowls or Hearts of Chocolates. Maybe AJ should have like a little food market shop. I mean we have refrigerators and cake-bake kitchens. Why not? Wouldn't that be crazy?

Anyway's Amy Jiao Requested some help with her billboard gadget under her pages bar just like mine. 
Well it's simple so lets go over it.  Click images to Enlarge! 
1. Go to your layout section of your blog. 
2. Select your billboard widget by clicking on it. 
3. Click and drag your billboard widget under the pages gadget. 

4. A long empty box should appear where your billboard gadget is. Simply let go of your mouse button and it will remain there. I highlighted the long box for visibility. 

Now your billboard gadget should be all snug under your pages gadget. 
Remember to save your changes or else the billboard gadget will remain in it's original location.

I hope this helped!
Also as of right NOW 1:06 PM American Central Time 
AJ HQ sent out this message about the Bunnies Only Party!
Do you think this means there will be an appearance by an Alpha perhaps Peck? Sadly I am not a bunny SO someone must go and take pictures just to make sure! :D
Well that's all for today. 

1 comment:

  1. I have another strategy: Delete pages, replace it with the billboard, save, then go to Pages and choose "Top Tabs" then save again. Ta-da! I figured it out, but your strategy is also cool. =P I made a joke that this shelf looks like a ladder. XP


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